5 Tips To Step Up The Intimacy by Dr. Drai


It’s a great time to step up the intimacy in your relationship and take your sexcapades to the next level. Here are 5 tips to heighten the intimacy and connection in your relationship. 

Be spontaneous 

Nothing will arouse your partner more than a change from the norm. Bring back that animal attraction and have sex in places that you haven’t in a while. Forget the bed...I’m talking the shower, kitchen counter, or car. Having sex in different locations can make sex hotter and more enjoyable.

Appeal to your partner's senses

Light a candle, give a sensual massage, play your favorite song, and let your partner explore your body with their lips. This is certainly going to lead to a night of pleasure so make sure what you have to stay safe and ready. 

Plan a sexy dinner 

Hibachi anyone? Bring in a private chef or prepare your partner's favorite meal. The thoughtfulness of this act and attention to detail is certain to spice up the intimacy level. 

Get some sexy lingerie

Let’s give them something to talk about! No boring pj’s here. Slap on some sexy lingerie (or boxers for the men) and prepare for the oohs, aah’s, touches, and all the feels. 

Be dessert

Now that you’ve appealed to all the senses, you’ve had a sexy dinner and you’ve slipped on your lingerie, now it's time to be dessert. Don’t be shy. Explore one another like you did the first time. 

I hope these tips crank up the intimacy in your relationship. 

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