5 Best Sex Positions for Small Packages by Momentum Intimacy

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What if I told you that the average penis size in America is five inches. According to a 2015 study, the average penis length is 5.16 inches. The good news is that size does not automatically mean skill. As the saying goes it’s the motion of the ocean that really matters.

Creativity and a willingness to experiment  are key to amazing sex, no matter the penis size. In fact, the most sensitive areas of the vagina are located in the first 1-3 inches to include the G-spot. In actuality, a shorter penis has more ability to focus on finding the perfect angle to penetrate these spots. With most women needing more than penetration to orgasm anyway, size may not matter as much as we think. Here, some of the best sex positions for people with smaller penises that are great to maximize the feeling of fullness that many vagina-owner will enjoy..


First things first, remember the lube. You should always use lubricant during sex, it makes every type of sex much more enjoyable. Lube makes sex more fun, more comfortable, and more fulfilling for all parties involved. Momentum has a wide array of lubricants to include, water-based, silicone-based, hybrid and organic that pair perfectly with every sex position imaginable.


1. Doggie style is a great position that will give maximum access. As a general rule, people with smaller penises should stick with positions that facilitate deep penetration, to utilize the entire length of the shaft. That's why Doggie Style is a great option. It’s simple and offers a stimulating view and allows the use of hands for extra clitoral stimulation. Doggy style also allows control of speed and pattern to maximize thrusts for penetration and pleasure.


2. Anal sex is great with smaller penises. Most of the nerve endings in the anus are located around the opening. Smaller penis can stimulate that area without feeling stretched, uncomfortable, or in pain. Also, try experimenting with double penetration with toys like dildos (including strap-ons) and butt plugs. A butt plug and vaginal intercourse, or vibrator and anal intercourse, make for some deep orgasmic play. It’s important to remember when it comes to anal to use lube! Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate during sex. So apply Momentum Hybrid lube  during foreplay for a relaxing effect, during anal intercourse itself, or while you’re using anal sex toys for a more pleasurable experience all round. Momemtum Hybrid lube is a great choice for anal penetration, it combines the best of both worlds with this water and silicone-based personal lubricant.


3. Reverse Cowgirl is a good position for deep penetration. Reverse cowgirl is like regular cowgirl but reverse, lol the receiver sit facing the feet instead of the face. To get maximum pleasure it’s best to move back and forth or in circles, rather than moving up and down. Not only will it prevent slippage, but it will also enhance sensation by allowing the clitoris to rub against the pelvic bone.


4. The Classic Spooning is one of the more romantic ways to have sex, and it still allows for some good penetration. For vulva owners, this position narrows the vaginal canal which allows more penis inside of the receiver. Plus there’s the added intimacy of being so close together. Also with hands-free, it allows for breast and clitoris stimulation.


 5. Legs Up Missionary takes missionary to greater depths. In this position the receiver’s legs are put over the giver's shoulders, this allows them to use their body for great depth, or hold onto the ankles for more support. Place a pillow behind the receive lower back to maximize depth.

A certain size isn’t necessary for pleasurable sex. The key to any great experience is making the most of what you have, being confident, communicating, and having a willingness to try new things. Sex is all about good old trial and error. Try a new position until you find one that works best for you.

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