5 Foreplay Tips and Tricks by Momentum Intimacy

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Foreplay is extremely important when it comes to a women’s sexual satisfaction. In fact, many women find foreplay to be as exciting as sex itself. Though many view foreplay as an appetizer to the main dish, some foreplay ideas can be the whole d*mn meal. Regardless if you view foreplay as the appetizer or the main course, it has to always be included with the meal. Here are some foreplay techniques to try that will be sure to enhance your sexual pleasure. 


One thing to always remember when it comes to foreplay, especially hands to genital foreplay, lube is a must! Lube makes every sexual activity better. Momentum Hybrid, Organic or Silicone is the perfect foreplay lubricants, as they are longer lasting and won’t leave you sticky.  



1. Start with kissing.

Kissing can definitely get you in the mood. Use kissing as a build-up to other foreplay acts that could lead to orgasm, like genital touching, oral sex, and vaginal sex. Don’t just peck either, kiss like you mean it. Lock eyes, press your body against them and kiss long and deep. Use your tongue and your hands and make sure you moan just enough to get them excited about what’s to come


2. Use Toys

Couples can benefit from a more pleasurable foreplay experience if they consider using toys like vibrators. Sex toys make it a lot easier to reach orgasm. Most sex toys that are used during masturbation can also be used during foreplay. It’s all about how you use them. Think: lower settings, lighter touches, and covering many erogenous zones instead of focusing on just one. For example, run your favorite bullet vibe over your nipples during foreplay. And vibrators are just not for women they can be used on men too during foreplay. Holding a vibrator on the perineum of a male partner, or using it on the shaft of the penis, can be extremely pleasurable.
There are some foreplay-specific sex toys out there, too, such as feathery ticklers, sensual massage candles, and floggers for impact play.


3. Talk dirty.

Don't be afraid to try dirty talk with your partner—it can really spice things up and get you both in the mood. You can begin talking dirty before initiating foreplay or speak this way to your partner throughout the day. If you’re not completely comfortable talking dirty in person you can sext! Send a photo, or a poem, or a description of what you're going to do to your partner when you get home.



4. Watch porn together

If you and your partner are both into porn or are at least intrigued by it, try watching it together. Watching porn as a couple can open up ideas you might not have thought of before. If visual porn isn't your thing, try listening to a sexy audio story or reading a piece of erotica that turns you both. Check out apps like Dipsea as a sexy alternative. They offer sexy audio stories that set the mood and spark the imagination.


5. Factor in all five senses if possible 

The body is full of erogenous zones like thighs, hands, and neck. The genitals and breasts are the obvious ones but go beyond those. Incorporate as many senses as possible to lead to an eruptive buildup. Things like candles and lingerie for sight, sexy music and dirty talk for sound, satin sheets and feather ticklers for touch, and so on.


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