Make It Last Forever by Dr. Drai

What’s more satisfying than never having to fake the Big O again? Let’s get into it. Reaching orgasm is very much a mental exercise as well as physical. Keep these 3 important tips in mind to make achieving orgasm a breeze.

Learn About Your Body

It's important to know and understand your body and what makes you achieve orgasm so you can properly communicate that with your partner. Take the time to explore and get to know your body. You need to know and be able to connect with your own body before you can allow someone to do it for you. You will eventually know your entire body`s secret passages and have fun sharing them with your partner.

Get Your Mind Right

Orgasms are very much so connected to your mind. If you are worried or tired or feeling a bit at odds with your partner, that can interfere with your quest to orgasm. Additionally, women can spend way too much time worrying about orgasms. Worry only puts up the walls that keep you from relaxing. Be sure to clear all grievances and relax your mind to put you in the best position to achieve orgasm. Once you can learn to control your mind's ability to fantasize or zone out, your body will follow naturally.

Touch Yourself While Your Partner Watches

Allowing your partner to watch is beneficial for many reasons. Not only is it a turn-on and gets the juices flowing, but it also allows your partner to see what it takes to get you to orgasm and duplicate that. Additionally, it will increase the fun and intimacy in your relationship.

You can also get your man involved. G-spot orgasms are pretty easy to reach. To get there just tell your man to do the, “walking”. Or take his hand and guide him down to where your body is wanting his touch. G-Spot orgasms feel nice and they are our juice fountain, that is when we get very wet. This is when your body prepares for penetration.

Every woman is different to a degree, but we are basically after the same thing. We all want to feel that intense vibration and the total body rush that runs through our body that an orgasm brings. It is an adrenaline rush like no other. The longer it takes to reach that, "O" Zone, the more intense the orgasm. That is another reason you want to learn to control your body. Eventually, you will be able to tell your mind when and where!

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