9 Fall Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life by Momentum Intimacy

Hello #MomentumLovers! 

September 22 is the official start of Fall. My favorite season. Fall’s cooler days and chilly nights mean you get to cozy up inside and press your bodies close together. It’s the perfect sex weather.  To get you in the swing of things, here are nine tips to help you pumpkin spice up your sex life. 


  1. Let your scarf double as bondage rope. 

Long scarves are fantastic as blindfolds, wrist bonds, and ties to bedposts. They even make a great dildo or vibrator harness. They’re easy to wash after play. Use it to tie hands and feet in the same way you would a rope. 

  1. Use candles as foreplay. 

Massage oil candles the perfect foreplay accessory. They warm at a very low temperature so they’re a safe way to play and one of the sexiest ways to keep it spicy this fall. In addition to setting the mood, massage oil candles provide oil for a premium sensual massage while filling the room with a scented aphrodisiac.

  1. Drink hot tea before oral sex

 Brew a cup of tea and take a drink, swoosh it around your mouth, and give your partner the best oral sex experience of their life. The warm feeling is great for both men and women and gets your sex warmed up quickly on a cool fall night.

  1. Striptease anyone? 

 Fall is all about dressing in layers.  You can turn undressing into a striptease session. I mean you I have to take off your coat, scarf, hat, gloves, pants/dress, underwear anyway. Why not be sexy and put on a show while doing it.  If you do it right, by the time you reach your underwear, it’ll be getting torn off your body.

  1. Get Cozy by the Fireplace

Get cozy by the fireplace and engage in some slow, intimate foreplay together. Fireplaces create a unique ambiance. Take advantage of this by tracing your partner’s skin and noticing how the light of the flames enhances their natural curves. 

  1. Enjoy some fondue

Make a fondue together and enjoy it while completely naked. Feed each other the warm chocolate treats as you enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Lick syrup off each other

Maple syrup is the perfect autumn treats to drizzle over your body so that your partner can lovingly lick them off. The scent is guaranteed to create a sensuous mood, serving to amplify their every motion. From there all you have to do is lie back and enjoy the experience.

  1. Take a Hot steamy shower together.

The warmth of the shower will be heating you up as well as refreshing you both. Showering is also a very intimate experience which is usually ‘you’ time so by being spontaneous and jumping into the shower with your partner can actually add some unexpected thrill into the day.

  1. Keep your feet warm! 

Studies have shown that women are thirty percent more likely to orgasm when their feet are warm. So get creative! Use momentum organic lube to warm up her feet with a foot rub before doing the do.  

Thank you for reading this #MomentumLovers!

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