5 Sex Tips For People With Skin Sensitivity by Momentum Intimacy

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Having sensitive skin can be challenging. People with sensitive skin can be triggered by a multitude of things. Having an allergic reaction that causes burning, itching, irritation, and rashes can be real mood killers. In most cases there’s no one size fits all way to completely avoid these types of reactions, however, with a little preparation your skin can enjoy every sexy sensation. 


1. Try A Different Lube.
If you have skin that reacts easily to moisturizer or other products with perfumes, dyes, and harsh ingredients, or other chemicals, the best thing you can do to protect yourself from irritation is to invest in some gentler lubricant. Try organic lubricants or a water-based lubricant with soothing ingredients like Momentum Organic Aloe Lubricant. This 100% organic lubricant is perfect for the Momentum Lover that wants to enjoy deep intimacy while using the most natural ingredients. Made with aloe and infused with the best in organic ingredients including oat, and quinoa, this paraben, and glycerin-free formula are vegan-friendly and non-toxic.

2. Take A Shower.
Condoms and lube aren’t the only things that can irritate your skin. Your partner’s lotion, cologne, essential oils, or perfume can also contain chemicals that can lead to reactions. If you think something on your partner’s skin could be upsetting your own, take a shower together. Wash with mild soap or plain water, and pat dry. Avoid perfumed, multi-ingredient products such as bubble baths or scented soaps.

3. Sexual techniques.
If you experience soreness during sex try extending foreplay to increase moisture in the vaginal tissues before intercourse. Also, try switching positions. Experiment with different ways of being intimate. And communicate with your partner; speak up about what does and doesn't feel good.

4. "Use it or lose it."
Frequent sexual activity can help stretch and strengthen muscles and increase blood flow and lubrication. But if intercourse hurts, practice masturbation or different ways of being sexually intimate that don't involve penetration.

5. Don’t Shave
It’s okay to do a bit of trimming or removing hair along your swimsuit line. Pubic hair serves many purposes. It protects your genitals from extra bacteria, and it also eliminates issues related to friction and sweating. Less hair removal also means less itch as the hair grows back, fewer cuts and scrapes, and fewer ingrown hairs. If you do shave your pubic hair, try to use natural shaving gels and creams.

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