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Introduce Your Patients to Top-of-the-Line Lubricants for Their Health and Enjoyment

Doctors, are your patients complaining about not being able to find a sexual lubricant that works well for them without irritating their most sensitive areas?
Do they wish for a lube that lasts longer so they don’t have to stop and reapply to make sure nothing tears or gets sore?
Are they concerned about the ingredients in their lube causing hormonal imbalance or allergic reactions?
I have the latest, best solution for you.
Momentum silicone and water-based lubricants are formulated to be perfume, dye, and paraben free. They’re hypoallergenic, so your sensitive patients won’t have to worry. And they’re designed to be longer-lasting and more slippery than most other lubricants on the market today.
Created by Dr. Drai, highly-respected and board-certified obstetrician & gynecologist, Momentum lubes are made with passion and safety for everyone in mind.

Recommend the best of the best to your patients so they and their partners can experience the most pleasure together while staying happy and healthy.

We offer foil sample packs of each lube for your patients to try.

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